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Sound Insulation Testing

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Harmil Environmental's team specialise in carrying out Sound Insulation Tests in new build houses and other dwelling types e.g Flats. Our specialist team is fully accredited in accordance with ATTMA, giving us acceptance from formal bodies such as building control officers. 

When do I need Sound Insulation Testing?

Our pre-completion sound insulation tests are carried out in accordance with Approved Document E ‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound’ of the Building Regulations or its equivalent in Scotland. Building Regulations require that new and converted dwellings are (except in certain circumstances) tested for sound insulation. 

There are two types of sound tests:

Airborne Tests – These tests are carried out on party walls and floors/ceilings between dwellings. An airborne test measures levels of sound transmitted through the air.

Impact Tests – These are only carried out on separating floor/ceiling divides between dwellings. An impact test measures the levels of noise transmitted directly through a separating construction as a result of impact. 


How can Harmil help?

All of our engineers are thoroughly trained and ATTMA accredited ensuring the best possible results for your properties. We offer competitive rates and UK wide coverage. 

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