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Topographical Surveys

Harmil Environmental's team of expert land surveyors have extensive experience in undertaking topographical surveys.

Working throughout the UK, we have worked on a wide range of projects throughout the UK and continue to work with private clients, architects, developers and local authorities. 

Topographical Surveys

A topographic survey of your site produces an accurate and detailed plan identifying both the natural and man-made features within the area. We have undertaken topographical surveys on a residential and commercial developments around the UK. Topographical surveys may be required for either record or planning purposes.

The topographical survey work that we provide for clients generally is to facilitate design-stage work, because designers (such as architects) require CAD format data visualisations and laser-accurate measurements of subject site/area for development.

We can carry out topographical surveys over any accessible area and we can provide them at any scale or level of detail. .

How can Harmil help?

Harmil Environmental's team makes use of the latest equipment and software and our experienced land surveyors will collect, process and deliver your topographic survey data accurately and quickly. Survey drawings can be supplied as 2D or 3D digital plans.

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